Sunday, September 9, 2012

Raven Update

Raven was at our Martini Hardware adoption event and community awareness day on Saturday, September 8, 2012. He’s rarely out of the kennel and we wanted to take him out to see how he would do in public. He was great most of the time until late in the day when he nipped at a volunteer who had him on a leash.

Raven has never shown any aggression. Ernie Zenteno and the owners of AC are around him daily, move him and let him and in out of the kennel and he has been fine. We think the incident resulted from food aggression and happened because Raven wanted some food on the ground behind the volunteer; however, regardless of why it happened, we need to do a more thorough evaluation of Raven before we work with him closely.  

Raven gets out of the kennel and into the yard daily when Ernie is at AC and we think that is sufficient for now. We are asking all volunteers to please not work with Raven until we do a formal evaluation. We will keep you posted. Thank you.

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