Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update: September 9-18, 2012

Notes by Dulce Garcia

The rescue dogs boarded at AC have been quite busy lately attending Barrio Dogs' community awareness adoption events. They have also been receiving regular visits from volunteers but could definitely benefit from more visitors during weekdays.

Bruno really needs someone who can spend time socializing him. He has opened up a lot and is recovering from his skin condition. He enjoys going out for walks and playing in the yard but be aware that this big boy is a big jumper.

Cooper at Martini Hardware

Cooper has been doing so well! He has learned to sit for release from his kennel, at every door and when greeting people. He also attended his first adoption event at Martini Hardware and did great! He is definitely ready for a forever home. Did we mention he is great on a leash?

Derek at Stubbs

 Derek:  Don't let his big size intimidate you. This big boy is such a lap dog. He loves to play fetch, knows how to sit, is great on a leash and is obedient. He attended the Stubbs Cycle community awareness event but unfortunately, despite how great he did, he still hasn't found his forever home. We believe there is a special person out there for him.

Raven at Martini Hardware
Raven also attended his first adoption event at Martini Hardware and for the most part did well. However, we advise volunteers to be extremely careful with him as he is a resource guarder and will be aggressive when there is food nearby. Be sure and ask a supervisor for help with him. Do not give him any stuffed filled Kongs or treats because he may guard them. Otherwise, he likes attention and especially having his thick coat brushed. Let the staff at AC and Ernie feed him and give him treats since they are more experienced with him.

Izzy-  This happy girl will be going home with her rescuer Estelle Mack! She is such a social dog that loves attention from both human and other dogs. We know Izzy loves Estelle and is happy to be away from AC although we will miss her.
Kiddo at the beach

Kiddo has been having a ball at volunteer Marjorie Jackson's home. Marjorie is fostering her on a part time basis and it has helped Kiddo tremendously. She has a new friend in Marjorie's dog and has even gone on her first trip to the beach. Thank you Marjorie for giving this girl a break from the kennels!
Kiddo snuggling with her foster brother
Hoover and Molly are the puppies that were abandoned at AC by their owners several weeks ago. They really need a lot of social time. We hate for them to be growing up in a kennel and want them to be engaged with people and exposed to the outside world as much as possible. Right now is a crucial time to build their social skills so that they don't grow up to become fearful dogs. They will benefit from walks and social time with volunteers. Please consider fostering or networking to find them a forever home. A weekend foster would also be a great idea!


Markee in the swimming pool
Markee has gone into foster care with the family that adopted our rescue Sugar (former AHFA dog). They have a pool which is great for Markee's physical therapy. Thanks so much to this wonderful family for welcoming Markee into their home!


Zoe is not a Barrio Dog but this friendly girl also receives attention from the volunteers. She belongs to one of the staff members at AC but needs exercise and human interaction. She will benefit from daily walks considering she is overweight.

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