Saturday, October 13, 2012


Bruno has been living at AC Boarding for several weeks now. He is not a Barrio Dog but was brought in by an independent rescuer. We have been including him in A Home for All activities for his own benefit; however, we learned today that last week, Bruno jumped on and snapped at a volunteer who was trying to walk him. The volunteer was not injured but did get  bruised.

We had previously alerted our A Home for All volunteers to use extra care when working with Bruno. We are now asking all volunteers to please not take Bruno out at all when you visit the kennel. We have reached out to Bruno's rescuer and owner to tell her of this incident as well our observation and concern that Bruno does not seem to be doing well at the kennel. We are urging her to work with a trainer and make other arrangements for him. In the meantime, please leave Bruno in his kennel when you are at AC; the staff at AC takes care of him along with the other boarded dogs there.

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