Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update: October 4-18, 2012

Notes by: Dulce Garcia

Barrio Dogs does not own a facility and relies on boarding our rescues until they find a foster or forever home. Many thanks to all the volunteers who come out weekly to walk, socialize and play with the rescues; it really helps maintain their health and happiness. In addition, Ernie Z. who visits and feeds the dogs daily plays a major part in helping socialize the rescues and all of them love him. Please read below to find out about the latest developments.

Scotty and his wonderful smile
Scotty is back at the boarding facility. He was living at Pet Paradise but we moved him closer to home. We look forward to working with Scotty; he is a terrific dog who has been in boarding too long! We don’t know why a lucky person or family has not adopted him yet.


Bruno should only be handled by Ernie and the staff. He will be evaluated to analyze the cause of his behavior issues and work closely with a trainer to address any issues. Please click here to read the special notice regarding Bruno.
Cooper on his way to an adoption event

Cooper has been doing well and attended several adoption events recently. He has received a lot of attention from visitors and it is good for him to spend some time out of the kennel.  His outings help him practice his social skills that are limited in the kennel environment. We noticed that he barks at some men especially if they are wearing caps. This good boy is still looking for a forever home and this weather is perfect for him to accompany you on your walks!

Derek at Rover Oaks adoption event

Derek has also been on his best behavior when out of his kennel. His favorite thing to do is play fetch and he will let you know when he’s tired by resting under the shade. He would really enjoy a home to call his own where he can just crash peacefully on your couch!

Molly and Hoover our youngest rescues at boarding have gone into foster care in different homes each. We are very happy that they will get to spend the rest of their puppyhood stages out in the real world as the kennels are no place for them. Thanks to these fosters for stepping up and giving these two puppies a chance at a normal life.

Kiddo is being fostered on a part time basis by Marjorie, one of our volunteers, and we are so happy to see her coming out of her shell. Marjorie has put a lot of time, effort and patience into getting Kiddo to where she is now.

Maya at the kennel
Maya is one of the new rescues and our first dog spayed under the upcoming Fix It project. She is social with people and other dogs. She jumps up a lot for attention so be careful when getting her out of the kennel.


Rusty is one of the new rescues in boarding and at first he was very withdrawn but with time, has taken an interest in hanging out with volunteers. He enjoys going out on walks and spending time in the yard where he receives attention from the volunteers. 

Phoebe has also gone into foster care and is enjoying her days away from the kennel. We are so thankful and happy for her. We are sure she is really enjoying it.

Greyson is no longer at boarding because he has gone to foster care and we couldn’t be happier. He was beginning to feel a little down at the kennels. He has also had eye surgery and is recovering well at his foster home.

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