Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update: October 20-31, 2012

Notes by Dulce Garcia

We appreciate the time, hard work and dedication of all the volunteers in the Barrio Dogs "A Home For All" program.  They are truly working hard to make the boarding facility a great place for our rescues to stay at until they can find a forever home. In addition, the program provides various opportunities for volunteers to work hands on with the rescues to prepare them for adoption events. We have seen such a difference for the better in all  our dogs from both the individual attention and the ability to get out into the world and participate in adoption events.

Cooper playing in the yard
Cooper has been meeting new volunteers and practicing not jumping up on them.  He is advancing in the training classes he has been receiving at the boarding facility. He is starting to shed the pounds (he had gained weight) and it helps that he has excellent leash walking skills.  We can't say this enough: he is ready for a forever home!

Derek just loves to get attention!

Derek is very popular among the ladies and he loves the attention. This big boy has the personality of a lap dog.  His favorite things are going out for a short walk, playing fetch, cuddling and receiving attention!


Kiddo is back in boarding because her part time foster will be traveling.  Marjorie has done a great job on getting Kiddo to warm up and experience the world outside the kennel. We recommend that if volunteers walk Kiddo that they place both a harness and leash on her. She's a bit timid and some things may scare her and it is best to protect her from slipping out.

Maya has the best smile!

Maya is still in boarding and can really benefit from more breaks from the kennel.  She is very excited to see people all the time and jumps up at them. She's a social dog and looks bigger in pictures than she really is. She will begin training classes soon with Dulce and other volunteers to address her jumping issues.


Rusty is a gorgeous dog with piercing hazel eyes that are not hard to miss when volunteers walk by the kennels.  He has come a long way; once a confused shy dog, he is now excited when people go up to his kennel. He loves when volunteers take him out on a walk to explore his surroundings. We encourage volunteers to continue socializing him so that he can continue making improvements.

Scotty is now in foster care and we couldn't be happier we are certain he is enjoying his time away from the kennels. Our fosters are very valuable to us and the rescues


Sparky and Spuds (siblings ) are new to the program and belong to an independent rescuer.  They have been in boarding for a while and undergoing treatment for their skin condition. They are around 5 months old and taking a 3 week training course which they are mastering.  Volunteers are more than welcome to spend time with them, but they are still uncertain about going out for a walk. They are fearful of cars and the loud noise outside. The best is to stick to taking them out only in the play yard area.

Bruno is still only to be handled by staff Ernie and Dulce because of our concerns with his behavior. He has been receiving social time in the play yard area on his own. Although he spends time alone in the yard he is supervised the whole time while he runs around enjoying his tug toys. The idea is for him not to practice mouthing or jumping on anyone; prevention is key. Arrangements are being made for him to be transferred to another facility that can give him the individualized behavioral attention he needs.

Volunteers are more than welcome to join Dulce while she is training any of the dogs; contact her at for times she will be at the kennel.

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