Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update: January 19-February 9, 2013

 Notes by Dulce Garcia and Lynn Rodriguez

Welcome all new volunteers and thank you for making the lives of our rescues in boarding less stressful. We have new dogs and feline friends in our program that can really benefit from social time so we need your help more than ever! We also want to share great news regarding some of our rescues.

Adopted and Fostered

Cooper is loving life in his new home!
Buffy and Cooper
Love bug Cooper has been adopted by our very own volunteer Buffy after living in boarding for three years. Buffy fell in love with Cooper while working with AHFA and was finally able to bring him into her home. Cooper’s early life was difficult and sad but luckily, he is in a wonderful home with an owner who loves him dearly. He is loving life in his new home and we couldn’t be happier for him.
Caitrin and Derek

Derek was adopted by another AHFA volunteer, Caitrin, and is enjoying being a couch potato in his new home. We are certain it was love at first sight. Good luck Caitrin and Derek!
Chris and Copper

Copper has gone into foster care with a family and he is definitely getting to see the world. His foster dad, Chris, has been taking Cooper out to different places around town and we are sure he is having a ball! Our fosters are essential to our organization and contribute highly to saving the lives of our rescues. Thank you Chris for being such a great foster for Copper.

Corky (left) and his new family

Corky was independently rescued by Beth. He was only in boarding a short time; he has been adopted and has a new sibling that could almost be his twin. We are sure that he is having a great time at his new home and loves being pampered.
Barrio Dogs


Casey is  new to the program and our youngest. Our volunteer Wendy found this young pup suffering in the streets in Greater East End Houston and could not leave her behind. Wendy rescued Casey and got her vetted at Gulfgate Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, since no foster is available, Casey is living in boarding for now but we are looking for a foster or adopter. Thankfully, she is off the streets!

Ellie was found roaming in the East End with neck wounds from a chain. After being vetted and treated at Gulfgate, her wounds are healing quickly. She just loves going out in the yard to play with any toy you give her. She would love for a volunteer to stop by and take her out to play!

Tita playing with a volunteer; Tita is one strong girl!

Tita is the typical cuddle bug and is happiest when you’re with her. We want to warn you that she is very strong so if you’re thinking of taking her for a walk, be prepared. We advise you to be extremely careful when taking her out and especially where there are cats nearby; she is not very cat friendly. However, she is very dog and people friendly!

Renata is happiest when she’s out on a walk or playing in the yard. She was great during a recent visit to a downtown dog park. It breaks our heart to have to take her back to boarding. Renata is great with people and other dogs and it’s hard to believe she hasn’t been adopted yet!
Lady with a volunteer

Lady has cancer and will be having surgery soon. We need many prayers for this girl and would also love a foster home where she could recover.

Mackenzie just arrived at the boarding facility and we really hope she gets into a foster home right away. She was dumped on 2/8/13 near a small apartment complex close to Broadway/Park Place off I-45 South. She was bleeding and apparently had a litter of puppies some time during the past six weeks. She also has an old fracture below her elbow. The vet said dogs can bleed for up to six weeks after delivery so perhaps the people who dumped her kept her puppies because they were not with her when she was found. She is wearing a splint for now and needs a lot of TLC. 

Not a Barrio Dog but in the program anyway

Zoe can definitely benefit from going out in the yard and getting some fresh air. She’s also very good on leash and loves going out for a short walk.



Bruno is owned by an independent rescuer and has been in boarding for several months. He has not done well in boarding and we have asked all our please not take Bruno out of his kennel; he has been hard to handle in the past. Fortunately, a trainer, John McDonald, volunteered to help us and has been working regularly with Bruno. We hope that with John’s attention and training, Bruno will be able to start attending adoption events and will eventually make a successful transition into a home.

Feline Friends

Attie is very social and loves to play. Like any cat she can bite when she’s tired of someone picking her up. Cats are very sensitive and it’s important to put them down if they are feeling uncomfortable; that is one way to prevent scratches or bites. Chief, Edward and Ileana have also not been able to find homes which is unfortunate since they are young and boarding is no place for them.

Once again, thank you to all our volunteers and supporters. We couldn't do it without you. Most importantly, you're making a big difference in the lives of some very deserving dogs!

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