Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update: February 10-28, 2013

Notes by: Dulce Garcia, Eva Belendez, Tauna Ready, Wendy Thiessen and Lynn Rodriguez

We can't say it enough; we are so grateful for our volunteers who step up daily to the task of visiting and socializing with our rescues in boarding. Our rescued cats and dogs suffer from less kennel stress and are able to stay healthier. Thank you volunteers for taking time out of your busy schedules to brighten the day of a rescue. You help prepare them for adoption events where if they are lucky, they will find the perfect foster or forever home.

Here's Casey with volunteer Wendy who rescued her
Casey's skin is looking better by the day and she is feeling great. She is beginning to explore the world around her and like a baby, will use her mouth to discover new things. She will jump and mouth to greet you and get your attention. When she does that, redirect her attention by providing her with something positive and mentally stimulating to do. She loves when you throw toys or the frisbee for her to chase. Only give her attention when she is calm or her four paws are on the floor. This happy puppy will thank you for teaching her good manners.

Ellie has gone into foster care and we are so happy for her. Thank you to her fosters for giving her a chance and preparing her for a forever home.

Lady enjoying the spring weather
Lady was diagnosed with cancer a few months back and needs a quiet home where she can rest and receive care and attention. She is not particularly tolerant of other dogs around her when she's not feeling well and who can blame her?  However, Lady has become friends with Casey and likes to play with her when she's feeling good.  Lady loves people and going out for walks which makes it hard to believe no one has scooped up this beautiful girl.

Mackenzie is another of our rescues that needs a foster home because of her injured leg. She has to wear a cast for several weeks and the cast must be always be kept dry. We ask that volunteers put a plastic bag around the cast and secure it with rubber bands before taking her out in the yard; the materials are in a bag hanging outside her kennel. 
Renata is a unique looking dog with a great disposition. She makes friends easily whether human or four-legged. Her best friends are Tita and Casey; sometimes they can all get play time together with supervised attention. If you can visit her, please make her day by taking her out for a walk or spending play time out in the yard (hint, hint: she loves toys).

Zoe continues to be in the program although she doesn't belong to Barrio Dogs.  Her favorite thing is going out to the yard for potty breaks, going for a walk and getting her coat brushed.
Here's Tita checking out the cats at the boarding facility

Tita is one of our strongest girls in rescue which makes us believe that she is feeling better and has recovered from her condition when she was rescued.  If you need a good workout, she's your girl! She will jump and get mouthy when she's excited and we advise that you don't give her attention if she does that. Instead give her attention when she is calm and not jumping on or mouthing you. Giving her toys and petting her when she is sitting or down on her four paws lets her know that she is being appropriate. You can also try giving her toys to chase around; she really loves those but what she loves best is interacting with you.
Feline Friends

Attie has left the building! We are very happy for her and are certain that she is having a great time in her new home.
Edward, Fred, Illeana and Chief
Edward, Fred, Illeana and Chief still need a home. Please share their pictures and help us find them a home. They are growing up quickly in boarding and missing out on a lot. Volunteers help us clean their cages, litter boxes and give them attention. This cheers them up a bit but we know they will be the happiest if they had a home where they can roam free.

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