Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Update: May 5-21, 2013

Notes by Dulce Garcia and Lynn Rodriguez.

Do you have a little spare time, love dogs and would like to help socialize and exercise some awesome rescued dogs? If so, come on out and meet our rescues that are living in a boarding facility and need a little extra TLC.  Not only will you brighten their day but you will also help prepare them for a forever home.

Meet the rescues:

Kale loves people and lying in the sun so what's not to love about him? His nickname is "Cookie Monster" because he loves all treats but his favorite treats are peanut butter-flavored ones.  Kale suffered so much while he was living on the streets but he has moved past that and is so happy and grateful to be safe!

Lady is still living in boarding and could really benefit from a foster or better yet, a forever home. Lady has cancer on one of her hind legs but that doesn't stop her from being the happy dog that she is. Some days her leg may be bothering her so be careful and keep an eye out for that; on those days, keep her activity to a minimum. She loves to hang out in the yard or go for a walk. She is great on a leash and is a good dog to walk for beginners.

Renata would be very happy if you could do two of her favorite things: the first is spend time with her in the play yard because she loves being there. The second is go out for a walk so that she can relieve some kennel stress. Renata spent most of her life tied to a tree and neglected. No wonder this girl is so thankful when she gets lots of attention from our volunteers.

Rosebud is now safe and off the streets of Sunnyside. This gentle giant girl is a true sweetheart worth getting to know. She has started a new life and like all the rescues, is ready for a forever home. Due to her heartworm condition (which is being treated), her activity level must be kept low per veterinarian's orders. We encourage volunteers to only take Rosebud out for low activity play time in the yard as opposed to a walk.

Tiger is such a handsome and happy dog! We're so glad he's off the streets of Denver Harbor. This boy is learning to cope with his new surroundings. Like Rosebud, he is being treated for heartworms so his activities need to be limited to the play yard.

Barkley was abandoned at the boarding facility. He has been vetted, fixed and should go into a foster home soon. Since he is smaller than the other dogs, let him play on his own in the yard.

Raven has been living at the boarding facility for a while. He is not particularly friendly so we ask that none of the volunteers try to walk him or take him out of his run. He gets outside time by himself or with his friend Zoe, who belongs to the boarding facility's owners.


Tita and Mackenzie have gone into foster homes although you may see them in boarding from time to time. We are grateful for our fosters who give the dogs a chance to live in a real home, sometimes for the first time ever, while we find them a forever one.

As always, we ask that if you visit the boarding facility, please check the white board for updates on all the dogs before interacting with any of them. Be sure and wear sturdy shoes and as always, keep treats to a minimum since the dogs are on a feeding schedule. There are poop bags and a pooper scooper and we would appreciate it a lot if you could help clean up the play yard after the dogs are out there. If you have questions or comments, please contact dulce@barriodogs.org and lynn@barriodogs.org. Thank you to everyone for all your help!

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