Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update: April 10, 2013

Notes by Lynn Rodriguez

Here are some brief bios of our Barrio Dogs currently living in boarding:

Kale is an American Pit Bull Terrier, approximately 3 years old and weighs 52 pounds. He was rescued from the Hidalgo Park area in Houston in December 2012. He was starving and suffering from various ailments related to his life on the streets. After his rescue, he was vetted and treated for his medical conditions and he has recovered. He has lived in boarding since his rescue, first with another organization and since last month, with Barrio Dogs. He loves people and loves lying outside in the sun; we do not recommend that he be allowed to go near any cats.

Lady is a beautiful white and brown Pit mix. She was rescued in October 2012 by a police officer who helps some of the animals she encounters during her patrol in East Houston. She found Lady on the street and took her home but that did not work out so Lady has lived in boarding since then. She is fully vetted and spayed. In December 2012 we learned that a mass on her back leg that we initially thought was a sprang was Mast Cell II cancer. The mass was removed and the specialist we consulted gave us some options, none of which are good: amputation, radiation, or chemotherapy. The plan is to amputate Lady’s leg although a recent check revealed that the cancer has not spread. Lady will have the operation when we can find her a medical foster.
Mackenzie is a beautiful blue Pittie with a sweet disposition. She is 3-4 years old and has been spayed and fully vetted. She was dumped in February 2013 near Broadway/Park Place off I-45 South. When we found her, she was bleeding and full of milk; she’d apparently had a litter of puppies some time recently although the puppies were nowhere to be found. Mackenzie has been in boarding since being rescued. She has an old fracture below her elbow that we initially treated with a cast; she wore the cast for several weeks but it made her arm worse. When she was evaluated by a specialist last month, the doctor removed the cast and recommended amputation. Since there is no medical foster to care for her after surgery, we have delayed it. We are also monitoring her to see if she is improving and able to use the leg.

Tita is a pit mix with a puppy personality. She is about two years old, weighs 58 pounds and has been fully vetted and spayed. She was rescued from the Hidalgo Park area in October 2012 and has been in boarding ever since. She was in bad shape when rescued with a terrible skin condition and open bleeding sores. She has fully recovered and is a joyful dog. She loves to drop and roll and get belly rubs. She is not very tall but she is compact and strong. For the past few weeks, Tita has been going into a foster home on the weekends.

Renata is a Boxer/Boston terrier mix, approximately two years old and 45 pounds. She used to be known as Princess and lived in Houston’s East End where she spent her life tied to a tree. During that time, she had many litters of puppies. After her last litter, a caring neighbor signed her up to be spayed by Barrio Dogs’ FixIt project in December 2012; after she was spayed and vetted, we decided that we simply could not return her to life tied to a tree so we asked her owner to surrender her to us which she did. Renata has lived in boarding ever since. She has a sweet disposition and gets along well with other dogs.

Parker was rescued in March 2013 when some volunteers found him in Mason Park. He was crying and appeared to be injured. After some missteps at the vet, he was diagnosed with an ear infection and neck injury. Now that he has received the proper medical treatment, he is doing well. We think he is a Corgi/Chihuahua mix and is about 3 years old and weighs 20 pounds. He's been neutered and fully vetted and is friendly and great with volunteers. We are evaluating his behavior in the event he has issues related to being abandoned or lost at the park.


Hidalgo been in boarding a short while and is skittish and timid. He was rescued from Hidalgo Park in late March 2013. We are asking our animal behaviorist to evaluate him and will get a professional trainer to work with him. At this point, we ask volunteers to not attempt to walk or interact with him. 

Raven and Zoe are two big black dogs who are similar looking although Raven has no tail. Zoe belongs to the owners of the boarding facility and has lived there for a long time. Raven belonged to an independent rescuer who gave him to Barrio Dogs to find him a home. We agreed to let an out-of-state resident adopt Raven last year and transported him to his new home. Unfortunately, he was returned by the adopter because of behavioral issues. Raven is back in boarding and seems to be content living there. He and Zoe are good friends and keep each other company. Although Zoe can be walked, we ask that volunteers not take Raven out of his run or try to walk him. He is let out at least twice a day by the facility’s owners and by our volunteer Ernie Zenteno.
Raven and Zoe

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