Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Izzy

Izzy was rescued by independent rescuer Estelle Mack. Here is Estelle’s story: “Izzy is a Valentine’s Day 2011 rescue. We found her running erratically on Dowling and Holman, with not an inch of hair, starving and extremely pregnant. Dumped in the heart of cruel Third Ward, she was left to fend for herself --we had never seen her in with any of the strays we usually fed. We got her fully vetted, microchipped and spayed ASAP and under my friend fellow rescuer Brenda’s care, Izzy gained weight, recovered from sterilization and even slowly started sprouting some hair again.

With her stocky build and her square jaws, we think that Izzy might be a Staffordshire/pitbull mix. She is beautiful and her eyes shine like gems. Although a little rowdy at time and a bit of a tomboy, she is the truly one of the gentlest creature I know. She gets along with dogs of all sizes and goes out of her way to meet them and seek their friendship! This spunky 2-year old exudes love, love and more love. Sadly, she has been living at AC Boarding for the whole past year now and has yet to experience the day-to-day love of a forever family who will spoil her with affection and care for her special needs. Izzy has finally grown a full black coat of hair but her non-contagious demodectic mange might be recurrent and she continues to be treated with ivermectin shots every two weeks to help with it the condition. She has also developed chronic dry eyes for which she needs daily eye drops per the veterinary ophthalmologist. But this feisty little girl is not at least hindered by these two health issues.

When she isn’t socializing with other canines, sweet Izzy enjoys going for walks and loves going for outings to the dog park. She is an avid swimmer and loves to dive in the water to retrieve Frisbees. You should see how fast she paddles with these powerful legs of hers! She is 38-lbs, approximately 2-years old. Izzy is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative. She is on monthly flea and tick preventative and heart worm preventative."

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