Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Lucy

What would you do if you saw a poor dog like this? Thank goodness caring residents,Wendy Thiessen and Bill Johnstone of Idlywood East End Houston took action to help when they found her in mid April 2012. It’s a common theme in this area; they mentioned they see homeless dogs roaming throughout the neighborhood. As we have expressed to many we are maxed out and not even a rescue group, but how could anyone say no to this poor girl that was suffering from a serious skin infection? Wendy and Bill sponsored first vet visit, she is going to need a lot of care. Lucy, is young boxer, probably only a year old. She has demodec mange (non-contagious). Gulfgate Animal Hospital recommended only treating skin for now, she has received antibiotics, ivermectim, fish oil, medicated shampoo and was treated for the fleas.She is currently boarded at AC Boarding; she will need to see the vet once a week for a while. She is already doing much better; she loves people and attention and wants to play with the other dogs. We have high hopes for Miss Lucy once she starts to look and feel better; she should have no trouble finding a new home at all.

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