Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Wallis

Rescued February 2012: Thank you to a very caring Sylvia Garcia-Solis and dog trapper Kelle Mann Davis for saving this poor dog who got himself stuck in an 18 wheeler engine. Our thinking is during a cold snap he crawled up into a warm engine. When he was discovered by a not-so-caring truck driver he was scared and got his back leg stuck. When he was trying desperately to get away from the angry owner who was only thinking of his engine parts, this poor boy escaped with more leg damage. This poor dog was hurt and had a horrible infection. It took several days, but he was finally trapped with the help of Kelle and Sylvia. Sadly, the solution from the owners was to kill the dog. Had Sylvia not stepped in, his story may have not ended so well. Barrio Dogs had to help with this injured boy we are calling Wallis. Wallis was taken to Abbott Animal Hospital where he had surgery on his leg. By April 1 Wallis was all healed up and out of Abbott Animal Hospital, but now needs some friends to help start his new chapter in life. He is a bit shy and skittish, but he is starting to come around. What do you expect for a dog that has his leg stuck in an engine? He is currently at AC Boarding and will benefit greatly from the time,attention and love of A Home for All volunteers.

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