Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dog to Dog Interactions

In working with our kenneled dogs in the “A Home for All” program, we have observed their interactions with each other and with our volunteers. Like people, some dogs like each other a lot and other dogs, not so much. The fact that the dogs are already under stress because they live in a kennel environment can make their interactions unpredictable at times.  Also, the dogs tend to become over stimulated when they play together.  That is why we do not recommend group doggy play times and prefer the dogs play individually with volunteers.  The only exception is if the dogs are kennel buddies and we know that they will do well together.

Amos, Cooper, Derek: They should be kept away from each other when out of the kennel, on a walk or during play time. They do not like each other and we do not want to aggravate the situation.  Derek and Amos have gotten into a fight before; Derek was the aggressor and it is best to keep him away from other dogs altogether.  Cooper will only bark at the other two if they bark at him and most time he tries to stay away but we do not want to test the situation.
Darla: She is a new dog. She is reactive to female dogs so keep her away from Izzy, Kiddo and Zoe.  To be on the safe side, it’s best to keep her away from all dogs.  In this way we can keep her calm and not cause her any more stress. 
Izzy and Kiddo: These two ladies are best friends and spend most of the time in the yard area and not in a kennel.  Izzy can escapes from a kennel if left alone so she is stays outside to prevent her from hurting herself. If you take a dog out to the yard or outside the kennel, make sure these Izzy and Kiddo are placed elsewhere temporarily. 
Wallis: Doesn’t seem to care too much for the other dogs and our main goal is to more human socialization with him. 

Raven: Plays beautifully with other dogs but he too should have solitary play time.  Although he’s fine with other dogs , we don’t recommend he spend time with playing with other dogs.  There may be times when he limps and his skin condition worsens; if he is not feeling well, other dogs jumping or play biting him will probably make him feel worse.
We would love to be able to coordinate volunteer teams so several people are present at the same time. That way, a person can walk a dog while some else works on socialization.  Please feel free to contact each other to coordinate a day to go as a team and help each other out with the dogs. As always, please be sure to keep yourself informed about the latest information on the dogs through the blog or check the “A Home for All” white board for star ratings and notes. 

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