Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update: June 26-July 3, 2012

Visit to AC: Notes by Buffy Martines, Eva Belendez, Dulce Garcia, Marjorie Jackson, Tauna Ready and Wendy Thiessen
Wallis: Thanks to very dedicated volunteers Tauna and Marjorie, Wallis has been making minor behavior progress. Tauna and Marjorie have taken this fearful dog under their wing and on July 26, 2012, Wallis took a Canine Carry Out treat from Tauna’s hand. That is a major step considering how timid he is around people. If we adapt consistent feeding schedules,volunteers will be able to help Wallis make progress since he is “treat motivated”. Only thing is to be careful when capturing pictures of him since that tends to spook him. If you want to work with and help socialize Wallis, please let Dulce, Tauna or Ernie know; they will help you get started.

Cooper: Has been coming out of his kennel and walking all the way outside without jumping. Volunteers have been working on sits and leash walking with him and he is mastering it all. The goal is to reduce his jumping up at people and learning proper interactions with strangers, but overall he is such a love bug and enjoys company. As a precaution he should be out in the yard playing with no other dogs because he and Derek can get feisty.

Derek: He enjoys play time out in the yard. He likes to play, play, play! His favorite toy is the tug rope and he is a very good fetcher. He and Cooper are sometimes kennel neighbors and when they pass each other, they bark and bark. To be safe, take one dog out at a time and make sure the play yard is not occupied by another dog. We had noticed Derek wasn’t himself and took him to Gulfgate Animal Hospital to get checked out. In the recent past he had surgery on his paw to remove a bullet which may explain why he can become easily tired and won’t walk or play. The vet says he may be in pain at times and that the heat contributes to him not feeling well.

Raven: Buffy noticed that Raven’s toenails on one paw were bleeding. Raven’s skin condition seems to worsen at times and the vet indicated that kennel stress may have a lot to do with it. Volunteers have indicated that Raven limps sometimes when taken out so he is only kept in the play yard. He will have to get checked by a vet and his walks will have to be limited if he is not limping. The meds the doctor prescribed for his skin condition can only be given from time to time; the only real cure for Raven’s skin condition will be a real home away from the kennel.

Amos: Special thanks to Lisa First for the special day with which she treated Amos. She says he had a loose stool and vomited his breakfast, probably because he is not used to long car rides. Otherwise, as you can see in the pictures, he got to enjoy a day in the outdoors (no swimming this time because of staples from a prior injury but Lisa says if he does not get a foster soon, she will pick him up again). You can tell he would have rather stayed with Lisa but after two or three good hugs from her, he went into the AC kennel area. He is so ready for a permanent home! Lisa shares a word of caution to the foster or anyone driving him anywhere: Amos's persistent goal while riding in the car is to get on someone's lap, if the only lap available is the driver's "big danger". She strongly advices that Amos rides in a crate or with a doggie seat belt in the car. Thanks Lisa. I know Amos is thankful too!

Izzy: She is really good on walks and can benefit from working on sits for attention. She tends to get really excited with some people and will greet them by jumping up at them.  Let’s help this social butterfly out by showing her that when she comes up to us she shall “Sit”. She’s a bright girl and knows sit on command she can do it for a belly rub instead of treats, Wow!

Kiddo: Has been going on walks with Izzy and they both do well together. Kiddo is a bit on the shy side and feels more confident around Izzy. We are all trying to give her activities away from Izzy so that she is not as dependent on her as there is a possibility that they may not be able to be adopted together. But that would be a dream come true that they both go to a home together.

Thank you to Buffy for donating the “Kong” toys for the dogs at AC! These will help with providing enrichment and positive mental stimulation for the dogs being kenneled. Derek, Amos and Wallis have been caught playing with them they seem to love their new toys. We will get them washed up and ready to fill up for our next visit.

Another special thanks to Wendy for the raised beds and for looking out for the dogs at AC in this heat. She has taken an electrician over to the facility to find out about the possibility of installing fans for the fans for the outdoor kennels. We prefer to keep the dogs kenneled inside but sometimes they are outside in the heat. Outdoor fans will help. With the latest temperature increases, we are aware that our dogs must be kept safe. If it’s too hot opt to play in the yard instead of going for a walk as the concrete may be too hot for the dogs’ paws.If any dogs are on the outside kennels in the heat, please ask the staff to move them inside. If you see something that makes you concerned about any dog’s well being, please send an email to or

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