Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break Treat for Our Barrio Dogs

Lady and a new friend

Tita looks like she's in heaven with all the attention she is getting
Students from YES Prep East End recently spent their 2013 spring break helping Barrio Dogs. They had to do service days for their senior project and they chose us. Our trainer and volunteer Dulce Garcia agreed to supervise the students while they worked at the boarding facility where we house our dogs.

In addition to learning about the importance of spaying/neutering and appropriate pet care, the students interacted, played and socialized with our rescued dogs every day. They learned more about each dog and the dog’s background story.  After hearing the dogs’ stories, the students did everything they could to make our rescues happy to make up for the bad life they had before they were rescued and our dogs were overjoyed to have the students' company.

We are so grateful for the time these students spent with our dogs. We also think the students learned a valuable lesson about the conditions for animals in their community and ways to improve the lives of the animals around them.
Mackenzie is much happier now that her cast is off
The students with Parker
Lady with one of the students; we think she is smiling!
Barrio Dogs' volunteer Ernie Zenteno with Tita and the students
The students and some posters they made; we love how Tita managed to get into several pictures

Renata looks like she is having a wonderful time!
Here is Tita with a student and one of her favorite toys

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  1. Hi I'm one of the students who volunteered and we are all students from YES Prep Southeast.