Saturday, June 16, 2012

Always Use Care

There was an incident recently at AC where a dog going for a walk with a volunteer slipped off his leash in the yard and got into a fight with a dog already in the yard with another volunteer. Both dogs are okay but this was a good reminder that we have to be careful when working with our dogs.

It is easy to get comfortable with the dogs but the stresses of living in a kennel can change a dog’s demeanor. We realize that a former street dog (or any dog) living in a kennel has a big adjustment to make; they often get bored, frustrated and stressed out with kennel life and may react negatively to other dogs. However, with care, training and good judgment, we can help our dogs make a successful transition from their prior life to the kennel to a forever home.

Here are some safety tips:
  • Only one dog out at a time unless there are 2 or more humans outside too.
  • Play groups should always have 2 or more humans.
  • Don’t leave a dog outside alone.
  • Check to see if any dogs have had recent behavior changes. Either ask the staff or check the white board for notes.
  • LET US KNOW IF YOU OBSERVE ANY CHANGES. Send an email to, or if you see changes in mood or behavior.

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