Friday, June 1, 2012

Update: May 27 and 30, 2012

Visit to AC; notes by Lynn Rodriguez

Volunteers please don't forget to sign in when you visit AC to spend time with the doggies. This is the only way to know who (if anyone) is visiting them. We are planning another volunteer orientation on June 10 or 17 at AC so if you know anyone who wants to work with the dogs there, let them know about it. Details about the orientation will follow.

Amos is feeling better. He barks loudly when we are there and craves attention. His skin condition is healing and his fur is growing back. We try to keep him separated from the other dogs in the yard but sometimes that is impossible.He loves playing in the yard.


Cooper has a hot spot on his neck. We took him to Gulfgate and the vet treated him with antibiotics. He seems to be healing up okay.

Raven also went to Gulfgate this week so Dr. Palmer could look at his skin condition, which seems to be getting worse. She said his condition is noncontagious and caused by a weakened immune system that results from living in a stressful kennel environment. She believes he will improve dramatically if he is placed in a foster situation or adopted. Until then, she prescribed a variety of medications to treat the condition.

Despite his medical problems, Raven is in good spirits.

Kiddo and Izzy

Izzy and Kiddo continue to enjoy spending time together in the yard. It would be so wonderful if these inseparable friends found a permanent home together. They both benefited from attending adoption events this past weekend along with Sugar.

We are mystified about why Sugar has not been adopted yet. This sweet, well-behaved petite dog will make someone a great companion.

Derek was not his usual lively self. We are keeping a close eye on him and if he continues to be down, we will take him to the vet.


We need for our volunteers to be our eyes and ears at AC. If you visit and see a problem or if a dog seems sick or depressed, please let us know ASAP. Send an email to, or Thank you!

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