Monday, August 20, 2012

Markee's Physical Therapy

We found Markee recently when one of Gloria’s family members was fishing near LaMarque in a very isolated area and from out in the middle of nowhere, a dog swam up to his boat. Fortunately he was able to rescue the dog, who we named Markee. Markee had a hurt hip and leg and needed surgery. He was operated at Gulfgate on August 9, 2012 and has been staying at AC ever since. A few days after the surgery Markee tore out his stitches and had to be resewn. He has since been wearing a cone so he can heal and now needs therapy so he can regain full use of his hip and leg.

We are asking AHFA volunteers to work with Markee daily if they can since the next few weeks of therapy will be very important to help him regain full use of his leg. Also, in a week or two swimming will be great therapy for him so if anyone can take him swimming, please notify

There was a training session for volunteers who want to work with Markee at AC on 8/19/12. Here are the highlights:

Start out by getting the blue heating pad which is on the shelf above the sign in book along with the vet’s instructions. Heat it 90 seconds in the microwave in the room next door with the fridge (there is a microwave in the front room but it doesn’t work).


After you warm up the heating pad, get Markee to sit next down next to you in a quiet place. He’s a sweet boy and only weighs about 30 pounds. Put the warm patch on the stitches and let it sit about five minutes. Just talk to him and pet him while you’re doing this.

Once he’s nice and relaxed, very gently move his leg back and forth like he is walking. He may lay down with his head in your lap and will not complain or try to stop you. You will be able to feel the muscles moving; you are working to strengthen the muscles. .

Do this 5-10 minutes. If it starts to bother him, he will let you know and it will be time to stop.

After that, just replace the hot pad and put Markee back in his kennel. If you want more information, just check the vet's instructions.

It is probably best to do this with another person. Tauna Ready is normally in the east side of town around 6 p.m. daily and can meet you at AC; please contact her at

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