Friday, August 31, 2012

Update: August 21- 29, 2012

Notes by: Dulce Garcia, Lynn Rodriguez, Tauna Ready and Gloria Medina Zenteno

There are new dogs and new  volunteers in the A Home for All program at AC Boarding. In addition, some of the rescued dogs have either gone into foster care or found their forever home.

Amos at the dog wash
Amos- Thanks to Lisa First for continuing to foster Amos. Over the weekend, Amos participated in the "Dog Days of Summer" dog wash at Firkin and Phoenix . Since he is a rock star, his photograph was featured in the the Houston Chronicle! You can see the story at this link.
Darla (left) and her new family

Darla- Has found her forever family and even has a furry sibling. She was also at the dog wash last weekend and someone fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. We wish her and her new family the best.


Derek- Also attended the dog wash but unfortunately didn't get adopted. On a brighter note, he was able to spend the day out of the kennel and enjoyed the extra attention. He also made it in the Houston Chronicle in this picture where he is being walked by one of our volunteers.

Daisy- Was brought to AC Boarding to get groomed and unfortunately, her owners never came back.  AC made many attempts to contact her owners but was unsuccessful. Darla had been boarding for several weeks and is stressed and afraid in the kennels but fortunately just found a foster home. She's very sweet, weighs less than ten pounds, has been vetted and will be spayed soon.

Hoover and Molly

Hoover and Molly- These sibling puppies were also abandoned at AC Boarding and need a foster or adopter. They are about four months old, weigh around 25-27 pounds, have received their first set of puppy vaccinations and have puppy mange (non contagious) and hookworms which they are being treated for. They will be receiving their next set of shots on 9/19/12 and will be spayed/neutered when their skin improves.

Markee is no long wearing his collar and is ready to go swimming!

 Markee- Is on the road to recovery. His stitches are out and he is ready to go swimming! The swimming will be great therapy for him so if anyone has a pool and can take him, please contact or

Izzy- Is now in the Friends for Live adoption program. We wish her luck in this new venture. You can view her FFL profile at here.

Kiddo- Is still being fostered by Marjorie Jackson a few days a week and is slowly gaining confidence.  We are very thankful that Marjorie has been spending time socializing and caring for Kiddo.

Bruno - Was rescued by an independent rescuer and has been living at AC for several weeks. We are working with him since living in a kennel is so difficult for an animal and we want to make his life a little better.

Wallis- Wallis went into foster care last week and in a split second, escaped and got away. Our efforts to catch him have not been successful.

We will begin a basic manners training for the A Home for All Dogs soon; the classes will be conducted by our trainer Dulce Garcia; we will need volunteers to assist with dog handling. The class start date will be announced soon.

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