Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update: July 20-29, 2012

Notes by Gloria Zenteno, Buffy Martines, Wendy Theissen, Tauna Ready, Marjorie Jackson, Eva Belendez and Dulce Garcia,

Great news: thanks to volunteer Wendy Theissen, fans have been placed over the outdoor kennels at AC! They will provide relief to our dogs while they are kenneled outside.However, we need to warn all volunteers, particularly the TALL ONES to watch their heads in the outdoor kennels. Because the ceiling is not very high, the fans are hung somewhat low and just clear the walls between kennels. If you’re under 6’ you are probably okay but duck anyway. A sign on the door has been posted to alert and remind people. There is a covered outlet above the AC that works when the fans are turned on and the switch by the door is marked but be careful.The fans at AC have made a big difference the dogs seem much more comfortable. Thank you Wendy!

On to more good news, some of the rescues will be sporting the new Barrio Dogs collars. Soon they will also have id tags to go along with them to help identify Barrio Dog rescues. Collars will be placed in the drawer so we always have some collars and tags for our rescues.

Derek: Was at the Natural Pawz adoption event at Bellaire last Saturday. He’s a good boy and really loves toys; his favorite are the tug kind. He will soon be enrolled in a training class. He is great boy and with improved manners from training, he is bound to find a home. Dulce will keep us posted on his upcoming classes.

Darla:  Got to attend her first adoption event at Natural Pawz Bellaire on Saturday. She’s very social and has put on some necessary weight compared to how she looked when she was found. She loves when volunteers take her out in the yard and play with her. She enjoys being sprayed with the sprinkler on hot days and doesn’t mind splashing in the water.

Kiddo: Has been away from AC because he is spending some time at volunteer Marjorie's home! Marjorie plans to take Kiddo home occasionally for a few days at a time to give her more social time in a home environment. Marjorie is really enjoying the experience and is helping Kiddo become more confident. Kiddo is doing well although still very timid. She is walking better on leash (left side); she still sits down but gets up and walks again with a gentle pull on the harness leash. Kiddo is showing marked improvement; she's been sleeping on a dog bed at the foot of Marjorie's bed and all had a good night's sleep. Marjorie has also been working on her interactions, interactive play and being comfortable with new people. It will take a lot of work to combat Kiddo's shyness but she is an affectionate, very worthwhile dog and Marjorie is confident that the effort will pay off.

Zoe:  Likes to go out in the yard and being brushed. Her coat is looking much better. She went to the vet for her check up and needs to lose some weight. Please help her by taking her for a walk when possible.

Izzy: Does well on her play times and knows how to “sit” on command. She is very responsive to training so we encourage volunteers to remind her to sit to minimize her jumping. 

Cooper: Is a bright boy and becomes very excited when he sees people. He is good on leash when taken out for a walk. He knows how to sit on command so we encourage anyone who takes him out to practice asking him for sits so that he minimizes his jumping behavior.

Wallis: Slowly but surely making progress. He comes out of his kennel more easily for Ernie, who he’s used to seeing daily. Volunteers should feel free to offer him treats when they pass by his kennel; he takes treats from Tauna and Marjorie at times. If anyone is interested in working with Wallis, please ask Tauna or Marjorie for tips.

Amos: Still in foster care at Lisa First's home. We are certain he is enjoying himself immensely.

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