Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update: August 7, 2012

Visit to AC; notes by Dulce Garcia and Lynn Rodriguez

Remember to watch your head when near the outdoor fans
 AC was full today so Derek, Darla, Raven and Cooper were outside. Thank goodness the fans are installed in the outdoor kennels; hopefully they help the dogs stay a little cooler. Ernie had watered the kennels down in the morning and given everyone potty breaks. Later, some of the student interns visited and helped walk the dogs.


While the other dogs were getting walked, Derek, Darla, Raven and Cooper got a stuffed Kong with a small treat inside. This helped keep them quiet. Darla tore up the Kong a little and will probably do better with the stuffed bones we can buy at Natural Pawz.

There is a new dog at AC we are calling Markee. A Barrio Dogs’ family member was fishing on Saturday in LaMarque, Texas in a very isolated area and from the middle of nowhere a dog swims up to his boat. Fortunately the dog was not too far off from land and was lured to safety. He had a hurt leg and twigs all around his legs; we just couldn’t leave him behind. When Markee was taken to Gulfgate Animal Hospital, we were told he was dehydrated, undernourished and had an old injury, possibly hit by a car. He will need surgery on his leg and can’t do much activity until he’s feeling better.


Bruno is also new at AC. He is not a Barrio Dog but belongs to an independent rescuer. Nevertheless, Bruno is part of the A Home for All program although he can go only go out for potty breaks, not walks, since he is not neutered and recovering from a skin condition.


Zoe is also not a Barrio Dog; she belongs to the owners of AC and has been living there for a long time. We are including her in our program so she can get out of the kennel and get some exercise. We recently took her for her check up and she needs to lose weight.


Cooper also needs to lose a little weight and will be attending his first adoption event at Rover Oaks Katy on 8/12/12.


Izzy was her usual adorable self. Her best friend  Kiddo is out visiting volunteer Marjorie’s home.

Dulce updated the board with all information about the dogs in the program. Please be sure and consult and update the board whenever you go visit the dogs. Thank you!

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