Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update: May 25, 2012

Visit to AC; notes by Lynn Rodriguez

Thank you volunteers for signing the Volunteer Sign-In sheet and thank you especially for spending time with the Barrio Dogs at AC! One more thing: any Barrio Dogs' literature you see at AC is available for you to take and distribute.

The dogs:

Amos seems to be feeling better. His hair is growing back and he was so happy to be outside.  While he looks and feels better, we still need to exercise care with him because of the sarcoptic skin condition.

Cooper, Kiddo and Izzy
Izzy and Kiddo were hanging out outdoors as usual. Cooper joined them in a short playtime.

Sugar enjoyed playing with Izzy and Kiddo too.

Raven is slowly becoming more socialized. He played outside a little before going back to his kennel.

Sugar and Izzy

We always get a least one good pic of Raven!
AC is full on holidays and weekends so our dogs were in the kennels outside; some of them wanted to go inside but there was no room. Please make sure they have plenty of water and don’t get overheated. If you see a problem, report it to the staff and send an email to

We are working on shade for the outside enclosed patio; we hope to get it up in the next week or two.  That should help a little when spending time outdoors in these hot summer months. Hope we can get a fan as well.

One more thing: if you have pics or notes you want published on the blog, just send to Thank you!

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