Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Raven

Raven was rescued from the streets of Sunnyside a little over a year ago. The vet guessed he was about a year old.
 After he was rescued, he was vetted and neutered and has been living at AC Boarding ever since.

Raven has a skin condition that he has been treated for several times. It’s noncontagious and the vet thinks it might be an autoimmune issue called "pemphigus". Raven needs to go to the dermatologist for another diagnosis and treatment; however, many dogs in boarding suffer from skin conditions so Raven’s might improve a lot if he got into a home.

Raven is a happy dog; a little shy but so grateful for love and attention. He’s big and loud and kind of scary-looking but that is just a façade. He’s really a big sweetheart.

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