Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Visit to Boarding Facility, 5/8/12

Visit to AC; Notes by Lynn Rodriguez:

 Dulce, Carmen and I were all at AC for a couple of hours today. Gina and Mike Moreno were there also to check on Amos, who is doing a little better. Dulce and Carmen took Sugar and Ennis for a walk which they both enjoyed. Izzy was not around at first; she was getting a bath. She had a big scratch on her side; don’t know how she got it but we took her to Gulfgate so Dr. Palmer could check her out. It is a superficial scratch, nothing to worry about.

Derek enjoyed his time outside. He seems to be doing much better. His foot where he got shot is healing and his skin is improving. He’ll get neutered in the not too distant future.

Kiddo was hanging around but not really engaging; she was waiting for her best friend Izzy to come outside and play with her.

 Raven came out for a while and we were able to get some pictures of him. He is a big dog who looks kind of scary but is a sweetheart! He has some skin issues, probably from living in the boarding facility for such a long time (a year).
We hope our volunteers will spend more time with this sweet guy. Poor Raven, he's so used to his routine that he tries to go back into his kennel after he's let out to use the bathroom! He is not used to playing outside in the yard.
Raven's skin issues would probably improve if he was in a foster home; Dr. Palmer at Gulfgate thinks that the skin issues we see in many of the dogs at the boarding facility are caused by the stress of living at the facility. We will be working more with Raven to socialize him so that he can make someone a perfect companion!

Carmen brought in eight puppies that were abandoned off of Shepard and Tidwell. Their mama was nowhere to be found. They are about five weeks old and had their first vet visit today, where they were treated for worms and fleas. They'll get their shots soon. We’ll have more about these puppies later. Puppies do not do well in boarding so they are going to need foster and permanent homes very soon. If you know anyone who can foster these puppies, let us know so we can tell Carmen!

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