Monday, May 14, 2012

Update: May 13, 2012

Visit to AC; Notes by Lynn Rodriguez:

Several volunteers spent part of Mother’s Day at AC Boarding visiting the Barrio Dogs who live there.

We are grateful that our volunteers are keeping up the white board that Dulce prepared to track our dogs’ progress. When you go to AC, don’t forget to update the white board before you leave.

FYI; leashes and collars are in a drawer in the kitchen. If a certain dog usually has a collar but it’s missing, check their bin first to see if the collar is there.

We have t-shirts for the volunteers; expect an email from Dulce letting you know where they are at AC for you to pick up.

Here are some observations from Sunday's visit:
Raven: Raven seems to blossoming with a little TLC and attention. He loves to be brushed and has tons of excess hair that needs to be groomed. He cannot go on walks because he needs to go to Gulfgate for nail clipping, etc.; however, once that is taken care of, we think he will love to go for walks. 

James: this boy is new to Barrio Dogs. He was found at James Coney Island and left at AC for several weeks before we realized he did not have a home. We named him James and he’s a Barrio Dog for now but we expect that he will be adopted by someone soon after he is neutered.


Sugar: she’s a sweetie. She is easy to walk and friendly although a little shy. She spent some time playing with Izzy and Kiddo yesterday. She has a slight skin condition which is probably caused by living at AC.

Kiddo: still shy but slowly coming out of her shell.  Once she’s used to you she will let you pet her. Because of her name we used to think Kiddo was a boy but after further investigation realized she is a girl.

Izzy: gregarious and very smart, she’s a master escape artist. She can get out of her kennel and can open the gate in the back. She’s sweet and friendly but dominates the other small dogs. If you want to work with dogs like Kiddo or Sugar outside, try to leave Izzy inside.

Cooper: took him into the yard; he was a little jumpy at first but soon calmed down. He was great in the yard but we discovered he is not neutered! We are remedying that soon but until he is neutered, we do not recommend taking him for walks outside of AC.

Wallis: did not get out today; he needs to spend some time in the yard as soon as we can get him out there.

Amos: went for a brief walk but is still bothered by itching. Poor Amos, we are hoping that he gets better soon. He still needs to be neutered.

Derek: he is scheduled to be neutered soon. He can go for walks but is strong and pulls so please be careful if you take him out.

Ennis and Lucy: no longer at AC because they have gone into foster. We are happy for them!

Thank you again to our volunteers for doing so much to help our wonderful dogs!

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