Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Sugar

This sweetheart met the right people at the right time.  She was roaming the streets near Black and Brock Streets close to Old Spanish Trail. She had skin issues and was very undernourished  She was spotted by a Barrio Dog volunteer who took her to Gulfgate Animal Hospital to see if they could help.  Sadly, the vet was honest and said we don’t take dogs in; if we receive abandoned dogs with no ownership, we have to call the city pound.  Upon hearing the news, the volunteer got upset and started to cry; fortunately, Dr. Palmer with Gulfgate Animal Hospital gave in and decided to sponsor Sugar with total vet care if we could find her a home.

Sugar was treated for her skin issues, received all of her vaccinations and was spayed.  She is in boarding and could benefit from a foster.  She is a young girl, not quite a year and is sweet as can be.  We thought Sugar suited her since she was found near the historic Sugar Hill Recording Studio on Brock Street.

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