Sunday, May 20, 2012

Update: May 20, 2012

Visit to AC; Notes by Gloria Medina Zenteno and Lynn Rodriguez.


T-shirts are in a blue bin with names attached. We need more medium and large so if you can’t find yours in there, we’re working on it so please check back.

We now have a sign-in book! It is not on the front desk but next to the blue bins and dog treats. Please sign in when you go to AC so we know who is working with the dogs and when. Thank you!

The Dogs

Amos went to the vet last week for a follow up; he is doing better but has a long road ahead. He really needs human contact; he can walk on a leash and loves being out but he is supposed to be solo because he has sarcoptic mange and is contagious. You can take him out but if you interact with him, please use care and wash your hands well afterward. He is starting Pet Tabs (multi vitamin and fish oil).

James the Boston Bulldog left for foster care. We are glad he is no longer living at AC.

Izzy and Raven
Raven is improving every day. He got his nails trimmed last week and can now go for walks. He loves getting his hair brushed and has tons of excess hair. He was playing with Izzy outside, which is great; however he is still ready to go back into his kennel as soon as he can. We need to work on socializing him and helping him feel comfortable outside his kennel.

Peter and Cooper
Cooper is such a good dog! He got out in the yard for a while. Peter Klein stopped by and played with him. Cooper’s behavior was excellent; he has so much potential! He will be getting neutered soon.

Derek was also great outside. He is a big, happy dog. As Dulce said earlier, he likes to whine to get attention so we need to work on that.

Sugar continues to live up to her name. She’s a sweetie.

Wallis needs to get out more. He is timid and afraid but seems interested in what is going on around him. With a little patience and care, he can be outside enjoying himself too. Please use care working with him; he is not used to interacting with people very much.

Best friends Izzy and Kiddo were hanging around inside and outside like they usually do.

New today was Sheffield! He is a sweet and adorable homeless puppy that was hanging around the Barrio Dogs’ event at Sheffield’s Ice House last night. We couldn't leave him behind so he's joined the Barrio Dogs' family. He is going to the vet tomorrow and will be going to adoption events soon. He seems like a very smart and sweet young dog.

Volunteer Terri Stark was there taking pictures today so we hope to have new pics of our dogs soon.

Thank you for your support and work with A Home for All. Our dogs are wonderful and are so grateful for your love and attention.

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