Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Visit to Boarding Facility, 5/1/12

Visit to AC; Notes by Dulce Garcia:

I got a chance to get all the doggies out and do all the things on the activity chart. They all had their enrichment, activities, hand feeding, social time...and so on. I enjoyed the peace and quiet!

Wendy T. was there and she helped me a lot with all the dogs and giving them walks. Mike also came over and bathed Amos (Amos has been itching and scratching a lot and probably needs to go back to the vet). Lucy was also really itchy, but I figured poor thing, she's getting better. I worked separately with Wallis and Kiddo since they're more on the shy side. 

Tomorrow I'm taking ice cream and stuffed cones for the doggies while I'm working with the others. The baskets have been set up I just need to place the board up on the wall don't know how I'll do that yet. Over all it was a good day. I showed the staff how to use the chart.

I've attached some photographs just quick snap shots of the dogs working on their treats this for enrichment. Some of them fell asleep while others played with toys and got walks. Not the best pictures, but wanted to capture the moment of what quiet happy dogs looked like in a boarding facility. BTW, Wendy T. donated a whole bunch of treats and toys I left some in there too so we have quite enough.
Kiddo lounging in the shade

Lucy looking sweet

Sugar is ready for a walk

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