Thursday, May 3, 2012

Visit to Boarding Facility, 5/2/12

Visit to AC; Notes by Dulce Garcia:

First, we will not be using treats (for hand feeding) for a while some of the dogs may have had a reaction to the change of diet. However, I'm suspecting it could have been the rawhides I gave them for enrichment. I want to clarify I'm not a fan of rawhides, but I needed something to keep them quiet and entertained (I forgot the organic goodies I had prepared at home). So right now I just want to make sure they are clear before we add any treats. In the mean time I'll be taking in chicken or organic treats to give to them when doing other things. Also you may ask for a portion of the dogs’ normal meal and use their kibble instead of treats which will actually be the best thing. I want to get them used to only eating their kibble instead of too many treats.

Sugar would love to go for a walk
Special project dogs: Raven, Kiddo and Wallis are on my list of special training if you guys are up for the challenge and would like to assist me with them let me know.  Raven has kennel reactivity, Kiddo is very timid and so is Wallis. I've changed up a little of the training for them, but still sticking to the chart just added a few things.

Heads up: Sugar is a really great dog on leash if you want an easy dog to walk. She'll need to gain a bit more confidence though so I will be starting some leash walking techniques with her. If you're interested in learning how to walk dogs on a loose leash let me know when you'll be at AC. I can do a quick demo. The baskets with the dogs names are in the small hall next to the room where we held the meeting. Also there are different baskets with toys, grooming supplies, poop bags and other things. IF you need anything it's most likely there.  Some of the dogs have their own favorite toy which I've placed in their baskets.  The chart hasn't been mounted on the wall yet, but you may check in the shelves near the baskets and you will find it there.  For the mean time you may still check it off I promise I'll have it up soon!
Bins for each Barrio Dog's medication, etc.
Healthy treats for all!

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